Stawberry Shortcake Lunch Box Enail

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1981 Strawberry Shortcake Lunchbox Enail

The process of finding a vintage lunchbox like Strawberry Shortcake is difficult.   Even more difficult is converting it into an enail.   Taking care while doing out conversion we have saved the original look and feel of this lunch box.   Our temperature control technology will allow the heating coil to get to the proper level to operate.  The original Thermos included with this lunchbox.


  • Original Alladin Strawberry Shortcake Lunch Box
  • Alladin Strawberry Shortcake Thermos (no cup top)
  • Advanced Temperature Control
  • Female Ecoil Plug
  • A/C Output
  • Original Patina
  • Metal Plate for electronics protection
  • Power Cable
  • Enail Coil

All our lunch box enail comes are given the Errl Cup Seal of Approval.

Ensuring that the product you are buying has been tested and quality controlled by an Errl Cup associated before getting the seal of approval.



1981 Strawberry Shortcake Lunch Box Enail


Strawberry Shortcake debut in America on the face of a greeting card.

Increase in popularity grew, Strawberry Shortcake merchandise starts to be produced in 1980.

This new merchandise saw the franchise earn over 100 million dollars in 1980.

The series was brought back in 2009 with an Animated movie and an in 2010 a TV show.

Strawberry Shortcake Lunch Box

Top of the lunch box shows strawberry shortcake picking strawberry’s with some other male farmer.

He looks like a strawberry shortcake stalker, but clean cut.

The bottom of the lunch box is the entrance of Strawberry Land.  There is a lot of friends in this scene.  A blueberry looking shortcake character pushing a strawberry cart.

Along with a glasses-wearing bow tied person next to a baby.

On the left side of the box is Strawberry Shortcake giving her strawberry to another blueberry hat person.  A little strawberry cat sits next to her.

Front of the box has Strawberry and a cat and dog sitting in front of her strawberry house and ice cream mountain background.

The back of the lunch box shows her with her friend caring for a strawberry with her cat.   All taking place in front of her strawberry home.



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