Marvel Secret Wars Lunch Box Enail

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Marvels Secret Wars Lunch Box Enail

This vintage 1983 Marvels Secret Wars lunch box has been converted into a Lunch Box Enail.

There are several features to this lunchbox

  • Vintage Metal Material – No Repaint or Touch Up
  • Great Graphics Featuring 3 Marvel Heros on the Front
  • Original Thermos
  • Temperature Control Unit
  • Input for Coil
  • Coil for Enail to Banger
  • A/C Power Supply

With our Patent Pending design, we have converted a childhood favorite lunch box into a function Enail.   The ability to have you enail, cords, and with additional cost you can have a rig that fits in your custom enail lunch box.

SpiderMan, Captain America, and Flame are here to defend your liquid heating device.

Notice:  Marvels Heros do not promote medicating/dabbing.




Lunch Box Background

Some information on this Secret War’s Lunch Box.  Produced in 1984 by Aladdin Industries.

Based on a 12-issue series by Marvel Comics called “Secret War’s had lunch boxes and other merchandise featuring a wide range of Marvel superheroes and villains.

The series told the story of the world of Marvels biggest heroes and villains transported to another planet.

The planet known as Battleworld, by a cosmic entity called the Beyonder.   They are forced to do battle with each other.

Aladdin Marvel Secret Wars Lunchbox


This lunch box has blue borders and a matching blue handle.   It has illustrations on the front, side panels, and back.

Front features the character Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man.  They are set against a backdrop of a city.  The title logo “Secret Wars is above them.

Back shows Spiderman and Captain America battling Dr. Octopus and Dr. Doom.

Top panel right under the handle shows Spiderman, Captain America, and the Hulk.  The bottom panel features Captian America throwing his shield.  The sides of the box shows two scenes.  One shows the Hulk smashing through a wall.  The second shows Spiderman climbing the side of a building.

The Thermos is white with a blue top.  It has Spiderman, the Hulk, and Captain America each accompanied by their own character logo.


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