About Lunch Box Enail


The history of Lunch Box Enail begins with one of the Errl Cup founders.

When our first event was held we had an enail provider from Arizona.  This company would supply their custom enail to our vendors to use.

This was a win-win for both companies.

But like many companies that are in the cannabis industry, the enail supplier we had is no longer around.

errl cup logo

Enail Company is Born

The founder of Errl Cup had an idea to take vintage lunch boxes and convert them into enails.

Taking that memory I had as a child could be converted into a tool that I use as an adult.

The journey began.  We started going to toy conventions, comic stores to find old lunch boxes.

Offerup and Craigslist start to become a site I visited every day looking for more products.

Taking a tin Superman Lunchbox and using it as our prototype was the beginning of a conversation journey.

One Lunchbox At A Time

Understanding how we would take this journey had just begun.   The time had come for a lot of trial and error.

Our technical team and design team worked to come up with an effective and reliable enail.

They had to keep in mind one of the core beliefs of our company.   Keep The Original Patina.

Finding the lunchboxes that are ones that customers will desire is another key to our business.

Most people remember the lunchbox they had in school.

Times have changed, but your memory is the lasting things of your life.   Who does not remember their lunchbox?

The one thing you took to school every day and made sure was protected.

Quality Lunchboxes

It all starts with the guts of your product.  Our product was vintage lunchboxes.

Not the tin ones, the ones that are metal and have the worn look they would have if used over and over again.

Lunchbox Enail seeks out lunchboxes with a lot of different categories of lunchboxes.

The Lunchbox Pail, the one we all think of that Dad used when he went t school.
The one the old coal miners used to pack their lunch to work.

The Alladin Lunchbox, the lunchbox we all remember.  Producers of all lunchbox that was popular in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s.

Each lunch box came with a thermos made by Thermos.  They are well built and have licensing deals with many children and adult brands.